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“System Italy” in Bergamo: Minister Paolo Gentiloni will open the “Italy for Business” Roadshow



“System Italy” in Bergamo: Minister Paolo Gentiloni will open the “Italy for Business” Roadshow

Minister Paolo Gentiloni will open the 19th stage of the “Italy for Business” Roadshow, which comes to Bergamo on 4 June 2015

 Illustrating concrete activities and instruments

The initiative, which was conceived by the “Control Panel for International Italy” and which enjoys the patronage of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MFAIC) and of the Ministry for Economic Development, will be an opportunity to illustrate the concrete activities and instruments which institutions and organisations are making available to companies to structure their presence on the international markets.

 An area with a high level of international activity, both inward and outward

The roadshow is being organised by the Italian Trade Agency-ICE in collaboration with the Bergamo branches of Confindustria and Confartigianato. It takes place in a region that is already highly internationalised, in terms both of presence abroad (733 production units in 70 countries) and inward investment. In the latter case, this is thanks to the presence of a sizeable number of foreign companies, which provide jobs for over 14,000 people. The area’s performance is particularly good in exports: well above both the Italian and European averages, of 23.8% and 22.2% respectively.

 Address by Minister Paolo Gentiloni

The opening session will include an address by Minister Gentiloni. Other speakers will be Giancarlo Losma, President of the Bergamo branch of Confindustria, and Mario Melazzini, Lombardy Region’s Councillor for Economic Activity, Research and Innovation.

As in previous stages of the roadshow, the plenary session will be followed by a technical session with experts in the internationalisation sector, who will illustrate opportunities and instruments to access foreign markets.

Moderator of the session will be Nicola Lener, head of the MFAIC’s Enterprise Internationalisation office. Participants include Nicola Lener, Director General of Italian Trade Agency-ICE; Gianmarco Boccia of SACE, and the CEO of SIMEST, Massimo D’Aiuto. The day will end with Lorenzo Pinetti’s success story and a closing address by Angelo Carrara, President of the Bergamo branch of Confartigianato

Companies attending the roadshow will be able to reserve a slot in the schedule to meet representatives of participating organisations and institutions.

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