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Italy at the Shanghai International Film Festival​



 Italy at the Shanghai International Film Festival​

Anybody who knows the Shanghai International Film Festival (abbreviated as SIFF) knows that it is one of Asia's major film festivals. This year the Festival, celebrating its twentieth edition, will run from 17 to 26 June in all the city's major cinema theatres. Italy too will be reserved a space for its exlusive use. This year Italy will present a film in competition and nine films in the “Focus Italy” Section. “We recall –  reads a notice posted on the website of the Italian Cultural Institute in Shanghai - that last year the film by Italian director Vito Palmieri ’See you in  Texas’ won the prestigious Jury Prize. This year Italy has entered into the contest "In the Big and Terrible World" (‘Nel mondo grande e terribile’), on the life and work of one of the biggest thinkers and statesmen of the 20th century, Antonio Gramsci. Another nine films will be screened in the "Focus Italy” Section, which will comprise: "The Prince of Crime" (“I Milionari”) by Alessandro Piva, “Fiore” by Claudio Giovannesi, “La Guerre Horrende”  by Luca Immesi and Giulia  Brazzale, "Sweet Dreams" (“Fai bei sogni”) by Marco Bellocchio, “Rudy Valentino” by Nico  Cirasola, "The Ploy" (“La Macchinazione”) by David Grieco, “Tommaso” by Kim Rossi  Stuart, "I was a Dreamer" (“Il più grande sogno”) by Michele Vannucci and "Slam" (“Tutto per una  ragazza”) by Andrea Malaioli.

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