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Mexico - Conference on the Otomi groups of the Sierra Madre Orientale



Mexico - Conference on the Otomi groups of the Sierra Madre Orientale

At 7pm on 31 May, the Italian Cultural Institute in Mexico City will host Federica Rainelli’s conference “’Gente de costumbre’. Life and ritual practices amongst the Otomi of the Sierra Madre Orientale”. In the mountains of the Sierra Madre Orientale, between the Sierra Norte de Puebla and the Huasteca Sud, is a small tongue of land known as the Otomi-Tepehua region, named after the ethnic people living there. Some of the key aspects of the culture and ways of life of the Otomi groups living in the region, will be presented. The concepts and practical and theoretical knowledge that form their local cosmovision will be considered  with the varied ritual life that ensues. The idea is to offer a glimpse of everyday Otomi life, that is geographically very close, yet in many aspects extremely distant, made up of ancestral beliefs, knowledge and practices that overlay and blend harmonically with the requirements of modern culture. Ms Rainelli is on a PhD course at Padua University and l’École des Hautes Études of Paris in Social Sciences, and has been a member of the Italian Ethnological Mission in Mexico since 2014.

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