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Michela Pelusio in Montreal to participate in the MUTEK Festival



Michela Pelusio in Montreal to participate in the MUTEK Festival

The Italian artist Michela Pelusio will participate in Montreal’s 18th edition of MUTEK, the international festival dedicated to digital creativity and electronic music. The artist’s performance "SpaceTime Helix" will take place on Saturday, 26 August, at the Monument-National Théâtre Ludger-Duvernay. Michela Pelusio uses a console and a portable interface to control an opto-acoustic instrument: a sculpture animated by light, sound and touch. The translucid wave climbs and bends towards the ceiling while minimal sounds harmonise with its meandering. Pelusio’s performances and audio-visual installations merge space, light, matter and sound in an unrepeatable experience of full sensory immersion.

Michela Pelusio is an Italian artist renowned for her multidisciplinary capacities. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara and went on to obtain a Master of Art Science from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, where she devoted herself to investigating synesthetic experiences and the atmosphere or spirit of spaces, the so-called Genius Loci. The artist also founded and is currently the curator of Residence SEA, a residence for multidisciplinary artists located on the island of Crete and reserved for the development of artistic and scientific projects.

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