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Moscow - Books, Gleb Smirnov explores “The Metaphysics of Venice”​



Moscow - Books, Gleb Smirnov explores “The Metaphysics of Venice”​

The book entitled “La metafisica di Venezia" (“The Metaphysics of Venice”) by art historian Gleb Smirnov will be presented at the Musejon Centre of the "A.S. Puškin" Museum on 3 August at 7 p.m. as part of the exhibition “Venice during the Renaissance: Tiziano, Tintoretto, Veronese”, running until 20 August at Moscow’s figurative art museum.

The event will be held at the presence of the author, and of film director Boris Jukhananov, political analyst Stanislav Belkovskij, poet Grigorij Kuzhkov and Olga Strada, the director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Moscow. Smirnov’s book, which was published thanks to a contribution by Banca Intesa and the Italian Cultural Institute, is a treatise on the inner landscape of Venice.

The book explores concepts that have become the city’s “genius loci”: melancholy, hedonism, the fragility of the world, eroticism, immortality. The author settled in Venice many years ago, where he lives in an atmosphere of creative isolation in which he gives life to short stories, philosophical essays and series of fairy-tales.

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