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New York - Books, Guarnieri: "Italian Psychology and Jewish Emigration under Fascism"



New York - Books, Guarnieri:

An appointment with literature, psychology, research and history. Wednesday 29 June (at 6 p.m.) the book "Italian Psychology and Jewish Emigration during Fascism, from Florence to Jerusalem to New York" by Patrizia Guarnieri will be presented at the Italian Cultural Institute in New York. The event, promoted by the Italian Cultural Institute in cooperation with the Primo Levi Center of New York,  features the presence of the author, Guido Calabresi and Mary Gibson. Fascism and the 1938 racial laws radically changed scientific research and the academic community in Italy. Patrizia Guarnieri focuses on psychology, from its promising beginnings to the end of World War II. Psychology was marginalized in Italy both by the neo-idealistic reaction against science and by Fascism (unlike Nazism) with long-term effects. University teachers and young scholars were persecuted as antifascists or Jews and the story of many Italian scholars forced to leave the country is still a source of embarassment. The book follows the footsteps of the scholars who emigrated to the United States, like the psychologist Renata Calabresi, and to Palestine, like Enzo Bonaventura. The author traces their journey and the help they received by the antifascist and Zionist networks, and by international organisations. Some met with success, others did not, but very few returned.

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