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Slovakia - "Smith & Wesson", Baricco's stage play in Slovakia



Slovakia -

The Municipal Theatre of the city of Zilina, in Slovakia, will stage a theatre performance of Alessandro Baricco's “Smith & Wesson” (translation of a Frantisek Hruska text, directed by Anton Sulik, and starring Brano Baco, Michal Tomsy, and Juliana Olhovad). The performance will take place thanks to a collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Bratislava on 21 January and on 14 and 15 February. Published by Feltrinelli, Baricco's piece begins with Tom Smith and Jerry Wesson meeting at Niagara Falls in 1902. Their names and last names bear the future of an undertaking which is still to be lived. And this undertaking will take place together with Rachel, a very young journalist who wants to write a memorable story. She needs to write about an act of courage, but before writing about it she must experience it. That is why Rachel enlists Smith and Wesson for the job, the most ramshackle pair of crooks and good-for-nothings she could have ever taken on her carriage of imagination and adventure. She also needs a beer barrel in order to climb inside it and get carried away by the stream. Nobody has ever done that - nobody has ever gone down Niagara Falls in a beer barrel. The date is 21 June 1902. Will anyone ever be able to forget Rachel Green's name? And is it really Rachel who tells that story?

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