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Spain - “Europe 2016: Maps of Poetry” at the Italian Cultural Institute in Madrid



Spain - “Europe 2016: Maps of Poetry” at the Italian Cultural Institute in Madrid

On Thursday, 29 September, the Italian Cultural Institute in Madrid will host a recital of renowned European poets entitled “Europe 2016: Maps of Poetry”. The initiative is part of the First Week of Languages organized by EUNIC España from 26 to 30 September. The event will be attended by poets from Italy, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Slovenia and France. In representation of Italy there will be the poet Paolo Febbraro, the author of "Il Diario di Kaspar Hauser", published by Edizioni L’Obliquo (“El diario de Kaspar Hauser”, Ediciones La Palma, translation by Bruno Mesa); of Romania, Ioana Gruia; of Poland, Tomasz Różycki; of Lithuania, the poetess, writer, singer and composer Ingrida Daukšytė; of Slovenia, poetess Simona Kopinšek and translator Barbara Pregelj; and of France, Jean-Paul Michel, who will present poems from the volume “Defiéndete, belleza violenta” (translated from French by Antonio Alarcón, Colección transatlántica / portbou, 2016). The recital will close with the performance “Trees of Mint”, a music event created by self-taught guitarist and composer Francesco Serra. The backdrop to the music will be the obscure and revealing atmospheres created by director Calogero Ricciardello, forming an unpredictable interplay of musical and visual synergies in which the video-artist explores the constant presence of memories in the space of the mind. The landscapes are defined by multifaceted details, creating a maize-like structure that draws spectators into an unexplored dreamlike space.

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