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United States: "I LOVE WASTE, WORKING WITH WASTE - Luisa Cevese e il progetto Riedizioni"



United States:

On the occasion of the third annual Italian Design Day, the special initiative launched by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to promote contemporary Italian Design in the world, Luisa Cevese, who was selected as 2019 Ambassador of Italian Design for Los Angeles, will present her exhibit "I LOVE WASTE, WORKING WITH WASTE - Luisa Cevese e il progetto Riedizioni" at the Italian Cultural Institute and give a series of lectures. On view a variety of unique and refined design objects that are the results of her creative way to recycle textile scraps.

Her project RIEDIZIONI is a collection of products made out of an innovative, original material which combines textile scraps with plastic, called II (eleven). II is the result of two elements perceived as opposite and contradictory: (I) the textile element (warm, precious, soft) and (I) the plastic element (cold, rigid, cheap and throw away). II is not the sum of the two but a third element, more of the two together. The products are similar but never the same. Each piece is unique and hand made in Italy in a sustainable production that utilizes both natural and man-made fibers.

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