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Zagreb: Roma Museum of the Shoah launched at conference



Zagreb: Roma Museum of the Shoah launched at conference

On 20 January, at the French Pavilion of the Student Centre of Zagreb, architect Luca Zevi presented a design for the Museum of the Shoah in Rome, which he co-authored with Giorgio Tamburini.

Villa Torlonia

The museum, which is to be located in the area of Villa Torlonia, is an innovative structure, a steel and glass monolith with the names of the victims which appears to float above the heads of the visitors. A series of ramps inside will lead through the various phases of the persecution and extermination of the Jews. Outside there will be an area for a “path of the just” in homage to those who refused to collaborate with laws they considered repressive and inhumane.

The conference was organised by the Italian Cultural Institute in collaboration with the Croatian Architects Association.

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