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Governo Italiano

Press release detail



Press release detail

“Racial discrimination is the negation of the very idea of civilisation. Italy is engaged on all fronts against all forms of racism, xenophobia and intolerance”. These were the words of Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi on the International day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, celebrated today, 21 March, in memory of the Sharpeville massacre.

“Italy is engaged in intense activity in the international organisations”, underscored Terzi. “The essential goal is for states to implement, in full and as soon as possible, the existing commitments and international provisions. Starting with the International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination, which Italy signed up to in 1976. At the same time, we are promoting concrete initiatives to raise awareness in states and civil society so as to foster tolerance and non-discrimination”. Minister Terzi recalled that, in combating xenophobia and racial discrimination, “our country is collaborating closely with the United Nations, the European Union, the Council of Europe, the OSCE, the High Commission for Human Rights and with non-governmental organisations”.

Minister Terzi concluded: “We fully espouse”, “the words of the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon: racism, like any violation of human rights and the fundamental freedoms, undermines peace, security, justice and social progress. If we want to resolve many of the conflicts currently afflicting our world and prevent new ones from arising, we must stamp out racism. In this, we are counting on the new generations: educating them in the principles of tolerance and the protection of human rights must be an agreed and shared priority for the entire international community”.



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