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25th anniversary of adoption of the “Missile Technology Control Regime”



25th anniversary of adoption of the “Missile Technology Control Regime”
Today is the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), of which Italy, with its other (at that time) G7 partners, is a founding country.

The MTCR, which today includes 34 countries, is one of the main instruments used to limit the proliferation of missiles and related technologies. The aim is to contain the risk posed to international security by nuclear, chemical and bacteriological weapons of mass destruction.

The Italian Foreign Ministry underscores the significance of this anniversary. It confirms the MTCR’s value as an extraordinary example of international cooperation in coordinating controls on sensitive materials and technology exports in the missile sector. Through a mechanism that makes it more complex and costly for countries engaged in proliferation to produce or buy missiles capable of carrying arms of devastating scope, the MTCR has helped to contain dangerous global threats.

The results achieved in these 25 years are many. So too are the future challenges in which Italy will continue to support the MTCR to promote international security, with appropriate policies to tackle the complex challenges posed by today’s scenarios.



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