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Governo Italiano

Under-Secretary Giro speaks on challenges on immigration in Agrigento



Under-Secretary Giro speaks on challenges on immigration in Agrigento

Under-Secretary Giro participated today in the second day of the conference “The society of the future. Governing immigration”, held in Agrigento and promoted by the Lower House PD group.

The intention of the meeting, which falls within the framework of the “More Italy in Europe” initiative, was to examine the theme of immigration in terms of flows, integration policies and resources.

“When we speak of migration flows we have to begin with who is concerned”, Giro said, underscoring the need for analysis and understanding in order to manage the phenomenon. “Greater national and European coordination is urgent, both in terms of legislation as well as operations, making the most of existing instruments in order to ensure protection to those who have a right to it”, the under-secretary continued.

Recalling the killing of young South African Jerry Masllo, and the tragic impact that episode had on the country, the under-secretary concluded by pointing out both the opportunities and the responsibilities offered by the Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU in the face of “a cry of pain that cannot go unheard”.



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