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Mission of Undersecretary Scalfarotto in Berlin



Mission of Undersecretary Scalfarotto in Berlin

Undersecretary Ivan Scalfarotto met today in Berlin with his counterpart at the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, Ulrich Nussbaum, for an in-depth discussion on international trade policy issues. The joint commitment is to seek shared solutions for an agreement with the United States emerged, in full respect of the sensitivities of some European countries, in particular on agri-food issues and for a favourable negotiation outcome on the Airbus subsidies issue. On the EU-China bilateral prospects, particular importance was given to the issue of European cohesion because of the Leipzig Summit next autumn with a view to a possible agreement that is balanced and beneficial for both parties. In the year of the Italian co-chairmanship of COP26, in partnership with the United Kingdom, Scalfarotto then reiterated the need for a shared commitment to reducing emissions and explored possible ways to support companies engaged in decarbonising production cycles, particularly in the steel industry. Community views were expressed on the subject of the EU-Mercosur agreement, as an instrument not only of a commercial nature but also aimed at raising environmental and social standards in Latin America.

The talks with Under-Secretary Antje Leendertse and Helen Winter, Councillor for national and international economic policies, at the Federal Chancellery were also fruitful.

Finally, Scalfarotto wanted to meet the representatives of the Italian system in Germany, in light of the central role for the Italian economy in Germany, our first trading partner in the world, and the perspective of a relaunch of collaboration on strategic issues such as industry 4.0.

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