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UN; Sereni, businesses play a key role in sustainable development



UN; Sereni, businesses play a key role in sustainable development

“The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development requires us to lead the world towards a better future and it is therefore no coincidence that the Italian G20 Presidency has adopted its principles – People, Planet and Prosperity – as the pillars of its action”. These were the words spoken, in a speech by video conference at the UN Global Compact 2021 Leaders Summit, by Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Marina Sereni, who added: “Unfortunately, the Agenda's implementation has slowed down because of the pandemic, even though it is precisely because of this crisis that we have all realised that the global development model followed thus far is unsustainable”.

Sereni explained: “Now is the time to lay the foundations for a different and better world, where new development models centred on socio-economic inclusion and mutual cooperation can be adopted. The Italian National Strategy for Sustainable Development strongly supports the 2030 Agenda, based on the idea that 'no one should be left behind', in a framework of partnership with the poorest countries, particularly in Africa, to provide know-how, food aid, agricultural support, infrastructure and solutions for people with disabilities. The Italian Cooperation system – the Vice Minister continued – supports these countries in achieving the environmental dimension of the 2030 Agenda”.

“For its part, the United Nations Global Compact on Corporate Responsibility is paving the way for an effective contribution by companies and the business world to the achievement of the Agenda. Italy,” Ms. Sereni said, “is part of this great effort, with almost 400 businesses. For a more inclusive and sustainable society, the involvement of the private sector is and will continue to be of fundamental importance”.

The Vice Minister then expressed her “great joy and appreciation” for the Italian entrepreneur Giulia Giuffrè, who was awarded the global title of Pioneer of the 2030 Agenda's development goals, the SDGs, by the UN Global Compact. Giulia Giuffrè's Sicilian company Irritec is an international leader in sustainable irrigation systems.

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