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The Farnesina hosts a meeting on supporting Lebanese Security Forces



The Farnesina hosts a meeting on supporting Lebanese Security Forces

"It will be an opportunity to manifest a  broad international support to the process that the Lebanese Government set in  motion to strengthen the capacity and effectiveness of the Security Forces, with  a view to supporting the sovereignty and independence of the Country and its  institutions." These words said by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International  Cooperation, Angelino Alfano, summarise the meaning of the Ministerial Meeting entitled “Lebanon,  building trust: a viable security for the country and the region” that the Farnesina will host tomorrow, Thursday, 15 March. The Meeting, which will be attended by the  representatives of over 40 Countries, has on its agenda addresses by Lebanon's Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, the United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, and Italy's Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni. The Meeting represents the first stop of the roadmap that has been defined by the International Support Group for Lebanon (ISG). It also includes the Cedar Conference to be held in Paris on 6 April on infrastructure and economics, and the meeting which Brussels is scheduled to host on 24 April to discuss a response to the humanitarian crisis triggered by the mass influx of Syrian refugees. It is a global strategy to "support Lebanon  along its path towards stability and growth, in line with its concrete and  lasting efforts to distance itself from regional crises," added Alfano, who will deliver the introductory remarks. The Meeting will be attended by the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, the Minister of Defence, Roberta Pinotti, and the Chief of Staff, Gen. Claudio Graziano. Opening speeches will be delivered by Lebanon's Prime Minister Hariri, the U.N. Secretary General Guterres, and the Prime Minister Gentiloni. Strengthening the army and security forces, which play a vital role in countering terrorism, controlling borders and ensuring internal stability, represents a stepping stone in the process to consolidate State institutions. The Rome Meeting is also important for the country's internal politics in order to strengthen the spirit of cooperation on which Hariri's inclusive government rests, with a view to laying the groundwork for the political and security conditions necessary for the next parliamentary election to be held in May, the first one since 2009.  Italy is a most important partner in supporting the capacity development of the Lebanese armed forces, especially as regards training. Italy organised 24 courses in 2017 and another 54 are scheduled for 2018. Of the 10,500 UNIFIL peacekeeping blue helmets, 1,100 are Italian. They are in charge of monitoring the ceasefire agreement between Israel and Lebanon and support the Lebanese armed forces deployed in the South of the Country. Italy is the largest UNIFIL contributor among the Western countries.

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