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The Foreign Ministry takes action to protect minors in Libya​



The Foreign Ministry takes action to protect minors in Libya​

The Foreign Ministry has arranged a two-million-euro financing to UNICEF from the Africa Fund to fund actions aimed at protecting migrant minors in Libya, also by improving hygiene and health conditions in the area around Tripoli. The project envisages the creation of reception centres for vulnerable youths in Tripoli, with a view to assuring them a safe shelter together with their families, as well as actions to improve hygiene and health conditions through the supply of medicines, the rehabilitation of health facilities and the treatment of water in the areas of Tripoli that are at risk. “I have long been promoting actions to combat diarrhoea in children, which is the second cause of death of children under 5 worldwide,” explained Deputy Minister Emanuela Del Re. She added: “With this project, the Foreign Ministry is taking action not only to bring relief to a geographic area in great distress but also to contribute to improving the conditions and prospects of live of minors in the Country, no matter if they are Libyan or migrants.”

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