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Press Releases

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02/02/2021Venezuela; Sereni, fare ogni sforzo per avvio dialogo tra opposizione e regime Communicate
02/02/2021Il Sottosegretario Manlio Di Stefano ha partecipato oggi alla Conferenza Ministeriale dell’Unione per il Mediterraneo (UpM) sulla Blue Economy Communicate
02/01/2021Foreign Ministry Note – Zaki, Italy committed to securing his release Communicate
02/01/2021Tigray - Vice Minister Del Re asks Ethiopia for full and unreserved humanitarian access Communicate
02/01/2021Foreign Ministry Note - Myanmar Communicate
01/29/2021“The Made in Italy and Emilia Romagna Grand Prix” has arrived Communicate
01/28/2021Telephone conversation between Minister Di Maio and the new US Secretary of State Blinken Communicate
01/28/2021Del Re. Italy at the forefront for a global multilateral response to COVID-19 Communicate
01/28/2021Sciascia: Sereni, the Foreign Ministry is committed to promoting the work of this world-renowned author abroad Communicate
01/27/2021Join-IT, the Foreign Ministry portal for job applications for International Organisations, is now online Communicate
01/27/2021Vice Minister Del Re: Italy’s presence in Africa has increased in recent years Communicate
01/26/2021G7 Foreign Ministers' statement on arrest and detention of Alexey Navalny Communicate
01/26/2021UN: Sereni, strengthen peacebuilding activities during the pandemic Communicate
01/26/2021Del Re: the diasporas need to be more engaged in the decision-making process Communicate
01/25/2021Del Re: Europe must pursue a strong partnership with Africa Communicate
01/25/2021Foreign Ministry Note - Afghanistan Communicate
01/24/2021Nota Farnesina - Caso Luca Ventre Communicate
01/22/2021Ethiopia. Italian Cooperation’s Contribution in response to the Country’s humanitarian crisis Communicate
01/22/2021Climate and energy transition - Minister Di Maio takes part in a Video Conference with Kerry, Borrell, Timmermans, and EU Foreign Ministers Communicate
01/22/2021Belarus: Sereni calls for freedom of information and the release of arrested journalists Communicate
01/22/2021Latin America: VM Sereni holds talks with the President of the EU-LAC Foundation Pajin Communicate
01/22/2021Coming into effect of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) Communicate
01/21/2021Joint Statement on the Situation in Libya Communicate
01/20/2021UNESCO: Sereni, cultural heritage basis for future growth and innovation Communicate
01/19/2021NOTA FARNESINA - Libia Communicate

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