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World Food Day: eco-friendly canteen at the Farnesina



World Food Day: eco-friendly canteen at the Farnesina

“Eat healthy, live better, support the environment” is the project launched today by the Foreign Ministry for World Food Day. “We want to introduce concepts more closely linked to nutritional aspects and the need to lead a healthy life,” said Undersecretary Manlio Di Stefano at an event organised in the Ministry’s canteen in conjunction with food supplier Ladisa S.r.l.

The Ministry’s canteen, the Undersecretary recalled, is already plastic free, as is the whole Farnesina building. Together with the nutritionist that develops the menus and offers consulting once a week, Undersecretary Di Stefano emphasised the importance of promoting the culture of seasonality in order to eat food that is not only healthy but also respectful of the environment. He added: “Also from the State’s point of view, better eating habits lead to a better relationship with healthcare and to a better life.”

The Undersecretary insisted on the need to foster “an informed cultural exchange rather than insisting on a punitive approach” with a view to promoting better eating habits in parallel with the reduction of disposable plastics. He said: “We will effectively succeed to cut waste only when we understand that it is the whole supply chain waste that must be eliminated” by simply preventing to produce it.

Today’s event forms part of the Foreign Ministry’s ‘green policy’ to make the building increasingly sustainable. In 2018, the canteen saved almost 2 tons of plastic and half a ton of aluminium. In addition, flat and frizzy water dispensers were set up and aluminium flasks were distributed to create a plastic free environment and solar panels were installed and the building’s heating system was upgraded to improve its energy efficiency.

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