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Governo Italiano

Scalfarotto, meeting on neighbouring countries



Scalfarotto, meeting on neighbouring countries

Undersecretary Ivan Scalfarotto chaired a meeting today with the Italian Ambassadors in neighbouring and neighbouring countries. The videoconference was the occasion for a confrontation in view of the liberalization of movements, without quarantine obligation, to and from the EU, Schengen area and the United Kingdom from next June 3.

The meeting addressed issues such as the reopening of borders, border workers, free movement of people and goods. "In this delicate phase of reopening at a national level," said Scalfarotto, "we must not forget the urgency of ensuring a change in the narrative with which our country is perceived externally by our international partners, primarily Europeans.

The Undersecretary finally thanked the work carried out so far by the Ambassadors. "The message we can give to all our neighbours," concluded Scalfarotto, "is that Italy has always been prudent in managing the Covid-19 emergency. Therefore, it is important to reiterate our willingness to seek shared European solutions for the lifting of travel restrictions and border controls throughout the EU. We will not accept any discrimination or separate agreements between countries excluding Italy".

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