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Farnesina Art Digital Experience, the artists’ story online



Farnesina Art Digital Experience, the artists’ story online

After the event promoted by MAECI Farnesina Art Digital Experience last December 14th – when fourteen of the most important Italian Digital Art studios redesigned the facade of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a video mapping show, transforming it into a 10,000 square meters and 15 million pixels canvas – the artists involved in the project tell the stories that inspired them and show the techniques used for the conception, design and realisation of their works of art.

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The creation of a video mapping show does not only consist of the choice of animations and graphic effects to be projected on a surface, but requires an in-depth study of the architecture, narrative structure and message to be conveyed, as well as great expertise in the technical creation of the contents. With their works, the artists involved in the project have combined narrative charm with the richness and variety of meanings through codes, analogies and artistic virtuosities: an emblematic proof of Digital Storytelling that paid tribute to the new forms of digital art applied to architecture.

The artists' stories are collected here.

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