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Archivio rete diplomatica

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11/18/2019 ​Italy-Iran: a 60-year-long cooperation in protecting cultural heritage Diplomatic network
11/15/2019Italian Culinary Week: Brazil targets youth Diplomatic network
11/15/2019Italian Culinary Week: Israel has 'My Brilliant Friend'​ on the menu Diplomatic network
11/15/2019Participation by Deputy Minister Marina Sereni at the UNESCO Conference Diplomatic network
11/15/2019Di Stefano in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Diplomatic network
11/15/2019Scalfarotto a Tokyo per II tappa della missione in Giappone Diplomatic network
11/15/2019Kiev stages the première of Bohème directed by Italo Nunziata Diplomatic network
11/14/2019Scalfarotto in Japan to promote Made in Italy products Diplomatic network
11/14/2019Bratislava hosts Week of Italian Cuisine: food tastings and cinema Diplomatic network
11/14/2019Week of Italian Cuisine in Iran: comparing two traditions Diplomatic network
11/14/2019Italian Cuisine Week: Turkey, Michelin-star winning chefs and health Diplomatic network
11/13/2019Nairobi Summit, Emanuela Del Re's scheduled bilateral meetings Diplomatic network
11/13/2019Annual Assembly of Parties to the IDLO Diplomatic network
11/13/2019​'The true Da Vinci Code' with Odifreddi in Sydney Diplomatic network
11/13/2019Deputy Minister Del Re speaks at the Nairobi Summit Diplomatic network
11/13/2019Settimana cucina italiana: a Lisbona workshop cilentano Diplomatic network
11/12/2019Del Re at the International Conference on Population and Development Diplomatic network
11/12/2019Di Stefano on a diplomatic mission to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Diplomatic network
11/12/2019Algiers: the Italian Language Takes Center Stage at the Book Fair Diplomatic network
11/12/2019Buenos Aires: Enrico Rava to Hold Concert at 2019 Jazz Festival Diplomatic network

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