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Lisbon: birth of Ipazia, the Association of Italian Scientists



Lisbon: birth of Ipazia, the Association of Italian Scientists

The Italian Embassy in Lisbon hosted the birth of the Association of Italian Scientists and Researchers in Portugal, “Hipácia”, which is the Portuguese name of the scientist from Alexandria, Hypatia, a mathematician, philosopher and astronomer of ancient Greece. The founding members of the Association are fifteen, comprising Italian researchers, both men and women, who work in different sectors spanning from robotics to botany at important research and academic centres in Portugal. The Association’s Honorary Members include Ambassador Uberto Vanni d’Archirafi, and Carlo Greco, Head Physician of the oncological radiology department of the Champalimaud Foundation of Lisbon. The creation of the association, in addition to wanting to strengthen cooperation ties between the Portuguese and Italian worlds of science through a dialogue on the most topical international scientific issues, “aims to create the grounds for a more organic interconnection between Italian and Portuguese scientific communities,” said Ambassador Uberto Vanni d’Archirafi.

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