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IIC Moscow: "Bernini tra sacro e profano”



IIC Moscow:

The Italian Cultural Institute in Moscow presents the cycle of conferences Bernini tra sacro e profano (Bernini between the sacred and the profane): four artistic paths to discover aspects of a multifaceted historical and cultural period, starting with his inspiring genius Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Leading the project is Professor Francesco Petrucci, one of the Master's greatest experts. The path is divided into four meetings that reveal the contemporaneity of an eclectic artist who conceived art as a way of life, without demarcations between painting, sculpture, architecture, urban planning, design and theatre.


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Like a modern and farsighted entrepreneur, Bernini was able to diversify his creativity, investing in communication to the point of meeting the favour of the powerful of his time: the various Popes of Rome in the 17th century. His influence radiated not only through the large number of disciples he followed to multiply his commitment in the different artistic sectors, not only in Rome, not only in the Baroque, with all the positive and negative connotations attributed to this movement, but also over time, up to the present day. Thanks to contemporary technology, this path offers an overall vision of his genius, though not complete, from which everyone can choose the fields of study.

The conferences will be visible on the Institute's  Facebook and Youtube channels.



August 5th “Bernini e il bel composto” (Bernini and the Beautiful Compound) illustrates Bernini's approach to figurative art and his totalising vision of artistic creation

August 12th "Bernini genio della modernità” (Bernini genius of modernity) focuses on his personality, not only entrepreneurial but also human, that conceives painting as a portrait of emotions and not just of physical features 

August 19th "La scuola di Bernini” (Bernini's School)

August 26th "Il Barocco Romano” (The Roman Baroque)

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