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IIC Beijing: "Mid-August Concert



IIC Beijing:

On the occasion of the festivities of Mid-August, on August 15 the Italian Cultural Institute of Beijing will organize the online concert 'I colori della mia voce intorno al 41-simo parallelo" (The colours of my voice around the 41st parallel). The Neapolitan singer Simona De Rosa and the jazz guitarist Federico Luongo will participate in the event.

The concert is a project of the Italian singer De Rosa, born from intense research that has merged into a meeting of cultures and melodies of countries near and far. The 41st parallel represents a connection between the various places of the globe geographically. For the Neapolitan singer, it is also a common thread of the musical journey through the colours of the world expressed by her voice, with different shades, textures, stories, and colours, from Naples through Spain, from New York to China.

The Italian musicians will spread the melodies from an evocative and culturally significant place in the city of Naples, the Scuderie San Severo, studio-museum of the painter and sculptor Lello Esposito, famous all over the world for the artistic reworking of the symbols of Neapolitan culture.


The concert will be accessible by smartphone, tablet, or computer, starting at 19:00 local time on Saturday, August 15 (1.00 pm in Italy).


- Salgemma (Simona De Rosa)

- Song for Mauro (Simona De Rosa)

- Scetate (Russian/Costa)

- O Sole mio (Capurro/Di Capua)

- O guappo nnamurato (Taranto)

- Alfonsina y el mar (A. Ramirez)

- I Giardini di Marzo (Battisti)

- Short Love (Deaf)

- In your eyes (Peter Gabriel)

- Molihua (Chinese folk song)


Note of the organizers: for a better audio enjoyment of the concert in stereo, we suggest listening through headphones.


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