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Dortmund: Consulate open to the arts



Dortmund: Consulate open to the arts

Italy's Consulate in Dortmund is open for Italians who would be interested in exhibiting their art work: paintings, literature and music. The Consulate has invited interested fellow countrymen to send by mail or email a portfolio with their creations to verify the possibility of exhibiting them in the halls of the Consulate.

At present on the premises of the Consulate there is a corner dedicated to children. While parents are waiting to complete their administrative paperwork, children can try their hand by drawing with colours on sheets of paper and canvases, producing "works" that are then put on display.

In April, Christopher Pellini's MoBASS Art exhibition was inaugurated. Pellini is a compatriot who is currently serving time in Werl prison. The idea came about during a visit to the penitentiary by the Italian Consul Franco Giordani, with the collaboration of the Director of Werl prison, Maria Look. They believe that art, wherever it is born, can be a useful vehicle for reintegration into civil society.

Also present was the artist's mother, Angela Francesca Pellini, who had a touching meeting with the director of the prison. The paintings have been made on different materials: canvas, fabric, paper and recycled boxes. The initiative also involved another Italian citizen, detained at the Hövelhof penitentiary, Kurt Omar Can, who produced a drawing engraved on the rear surface of a mirror.

Also on display is a letter from Pellini to the Consul in which the artist speaks about his experience and about how his talent for drawing has allowed him to give joy to many other prisoners, by making their portraits and by producing illustrated messages for their families.

The exhibition remains open until 3 May.

Consulate General of Italy in Dortmun






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