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Trade between Italy and Serbia hits record levels



Trade between Italy and Serbia hits record levels

Trade between Italy and Serbia hit record levels with over 4 billion euros in 2018

For the first time in 2018, trade between Italy and Serbia exceeded the 4 billion euro mark, as the Serbian Statistical Institute disclosed yesterday. The consolidated data on foreign trade released by the Serbian Statistical institute showed that trade between Italy and Serbia amounted to 4.03 billion euros in 2018.

Italy is Serbia’s main export country and second largest important trading partner. In 2018, Italian exports to Serbia were up 4.7%, pushing Italy’s share Serbian foreign trade to 10.4%, while Serbian exports to Italy remained substantially unchanged. Overall, the trade balance has remained roughly in balance, with a slight advantage for Italy.

Ambassador Lo Cascio, commenting on the result, added that “even though forecasts in recent months gave us reason to be optimistic, the consolidated data have confirmed the increase in trade between Italy and Serbia, with further margins for growth. This also testifies to the maturity and strength of the economic partnership between the two countries”.

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