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Myanmar: Italy holds the chair of the Joint Peace Fund Board



Myanmar: Italy holds the chair of the Joint Peace Fund Board

"I believe that pressing ahead with the peace process is of the essence for the future of Myanmar. I also believe the resolution of ethnic conflicts, which have been going on for too long, will be a key step to ensure the development of the country. In this respect the people of Myanmar will have to face important challenges, but the international community is ready to support the Government and all those involved in laying the ground for national reconciliation by constructive dialogue," said Italian Ambassador Pier Giorgio Aliberti at the beginnig of the six-month Italian chairmanship of the Joint Peace Fund Board (JFP). JFP is a multi-donor fund that was established in 2015 with contributions by Australia, Canada, Denmark, European Union, Finland, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Japan and was then opened to more donors. The fund, which will operate until 2021, totals 85.7 million dollars, of which three million represents Italy's contribution. During its mandate, Italy is determined to encourage dialogue, enhance JPF visibility at local and international level, and assess the results in terms of individual projects and the fund's overall contribution to the Myanmar peace process.

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