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Oslo: Italian Embassy towards zero emissions



Oslo: Italian Embassy towards zero emissions

As of today, the Italian Embassy in Oslo is abandoning the oil heating system and switching to district heating. The choice is the additional piece of a path, started in 2018 with the initiative "Embassy in Oslo Plastic Free", which aims to gradually reduce the environmental impact until optimal zero emissions are achieved. In doing so, the Embassy has aligned itself with Norwegian legislation that provides for alternative solutions for heating buildings to the use of diesel fuel in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 95% by 2030. The Italian Embassy, following a technical-economic feasibility study, has therefore adopted district heating as the best, environmentally friendly, convenient and reliable option. District heating consists in supplying the heat produced by a power plant, connected - through a special distribution network consisting of underground pipelines - to sub-power plants installed in the building. The system reduces greenhouse gas emissions, while it allows the energy recovery of residual and commercial waste, from the combustion of which an increasing share of the supplied heat is produced. The abandonment of fossil fuels puts the system into a circular economy, another factor that contributes to the eco-sustainability of district heating. Moreover, it is designed in such a way as to optimise heat production: it is directed differently according to the needs of the environment.

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