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Italian Cuisine Week: Turkey, Michelin-star winning chefs and health



Italian Cuisine Week: Turkey, Michelin-star winning chefs and health

This year, Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir will host a rich calendar of events with 40 initiatives on education, culture and the promotion of the Italian gastronomic heritage organised by Italy’s diplomatic network for the 4th Italian Cuisine Week in the World (18-24 November).

Two renowned Michelin-star winning chefs – the President of the “Ambassadors of Taste”, Cristina Bowerman, and Chef Christoph Bob – will explain the “Mediterranean model of healthy lifestyle”. And Italy will be a Partner Country of the Gastromasa International Gastronomy Festival.

In addition to hosting the presentation of the events scheduled on 18 November, throughout the whole week, the Hilton Hotel in Ankara will host Christoph Bob, chef of the ‘Refettorio del Monastero di Santa Rosa” restaurant, who will prepare a special Italian menu. The same Michelin-star winning chef will hold cookery classes at the Bilkent University in Ankara. On 27 November, the same University will host a conference to take stock of the international protection of the geographical names of products and of the eno-gastronomic heritage. Special Italian food and music evenings will be organised in two restaurants, Café des Cafes and l’Avare. Lastly, Chef Gioacchino dell’Aquila is due to participate in the Ankara Bread Festival on 23 November with a workshop dedicated to fresh pasta.

From 18 to 20 November, the Italian Lyceum (IMI) in Istanbul will host workshops and seminars on Italian gastronomy. Moving now to the Circolo Roma, it will host a luncheon dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci organised by the Italian-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 21 November and on the 22nd the Italian Cultural Institute will host a lecture entitled “Leonardo’s Last Supper”. The Mediterranean diet will be the focus of the meeting with Professor Morini from the University of Pollenzo, while Dr Lucchini, the Secretary General of the Italian Food Bank, will focus his talk on the topic of food waste. The Istanbul section of the Italian Culinary Academy will organise a special evening with Chef Tommaso Sanguedolce from Castello di Ugento, in Apulia, who will hold master classes at the Mutfak Sanatları Akademisi Culinary Academy. On 30 November, an Italian exhibition space will be set up at the Gastromasa Gastronomy Festival with the participation of the Ambassadors of Taste, Cristina Bowerman and Claudio Chinali, and the major Italian consortia. Lastly, Palazzo di Venezia, the residence of the Italian Ambassador, will host a special evening on 3 December for the workers of the Hotellerie-Restaurant-Café sector to promote the use of Italian products.

In Izmir, the events will involve 4 restaurants and 6 Italian chefs in four special evenings: one on 20 November at Paperino Pizza, where a history and cooking expert from the Yasar University will hold a lecture on the culinary traditions of Leonardo da Vinci. Still in Izmir, two workshops will be held at the local Universities on culture and education: on 19 November, a workshop will be held at the Izmir Economy University by Chef Antonio Franzè and Chef Tommaso Mandolino will hold one at the Yasar University on 21 November.

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