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Press accreditation notice - World Food Day - Seminar "The value of tradition: how to innovate without wasting" (Farnesina, 12 October 2018 - 9:30 a.m.)



Press accreditation notice - World Food Day - Seminar

On 12 October 2018 the Farnesina will host (in the International Conference Hall, at 9:30 a.m.) the Seminar “The value of tradition: how to innovate without wasting. Local productions to promote health, environmental protection and sustainable development”.

The event is organised to celebrate World Food Day, one of the United Nations’ most important annual events that involves partner Countries, international organizations, foreign governments and local authorities in more than 130 Countries around the world to promote a more incisive action for a world with #ZEROHUNGER.  

Hunger is growing again in the world: according to the latest reports issued by the FAO, over 815 million people suffered chronic malnutrition in 2016, 38 million more than in 2015. Conflicts, catastrophes linked to climate change and the economic slowdown are the causes of this uptrend and risk eroding the progress made in combating hunger and malnutrition up to now. As 80% of the poorest populations live in rural areas and almost totally depend on agriculture, fishing and silviculture, the goal of Zero Hunger requires the transformation of the rural economy. The Conference aims to highlight the processes and methods that improve agricultural productivity while respecting a fully sustainable development, by adopting a balanced and multisectoral approach based on sound scientific evidence.

The Seminar will open with remarks by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hon. Emanuela del Re, followed by contributions from institutional authorities and the top-ranking officials of the Rome-based UN food and agriculture Agencies.  

The opening statements will be followed by a Round Table, moderated by Prof. Andrea Segrè from the University of Bologna, on the role of traditional know-how, healthy diets and high-quality products in sustainable development and nutrition. The Round Table will be followed by the presentation of the most relevant Cooperation Development initiatives in these sectors.

The event will close with the presentation by Michelin-star winning chef Carlo Cracco of his “Cracco cooking for the Environment” initiative with suggestions and formulas for an informed use of cooking. Giobbe Covatta will be the event’s testimonial for the Zero Waste campaign 2018/2019. The Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio will perform a few pieces in the musical intermezzo between the two sessions. To complete the event, there will be the Exhibiton “First don’t Waste, second Altan. Waste in a cartoon”.

Attached you will find the programme of the Seminar.

Journalists, photographers and TV crews interested in following the event are requested to apply for accreditation by sending an email to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation’s Institutional Press and Communication Service at the following address: (Tel. + 39 06/3691.3432 or 8573 or 8210), attaching thereto the letter of his/her media organisation (or press card for freelance reporters) and, for members of the foreign press, a Note Verbale released by the Rome Embassy of the media organisation’s Country.

Accredited journalists, photographers and TV crews may enter the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation from the main entrance – left-hand side – from 9 a.m.

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