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02/01/2021Foreign Ministry Note - Myanmar Communicate
01/22/2021Belarus: Sereni calls for freedom of information and the release of arrested journalists Communicate
01/01/2021Iran Communicate
12/16/2020Sereni: “The death penalty, Italy is mobilised for a moratorium” (Il Riformista) Interviews and articles
12/11/2020Execution of Iranian journalist Ruhollah Zam Communicate
12/10/2020International Human Rights Day Communicate
12/09/2020Convention: UN Action and Human Rights Events
11/16/2020Sereni: “Protecting girl children in war zones” Communicate
11/04/2020Council of Europe: Sereni - keep our guard up on human rights Communicate
10/30/2020ECHR: Sereni, the Convention on Human Rights calls for action to protect women and gender equality Communicate
10/29/2020Del Re: vicini al Mali, è il nostro confine sud (Avvenire) Interviews and articles
10/28/2020Del Re wraps up her visit to Mali and meets the Prime Minister Communicate
10/15/2020Sereni: Italy committed to protecting children in war Communicate
10/13/2020Sereni to the tenth anniversary of the birth of the International Commission against the Death Penalty Communicate
10/10/2020International day against the death penalty Communicate
09/24/2020VM Del Re at the UN - Tireless effort, Italy for civil protection Communicate
09/23/2020UN. Sereni: "Italy committed for no discrimination against LGBTI Communicate
09/09/2020International Day to Protect Education from Armed Attacks (9th September 2020) Communicate
09/07/2020Gender Equality: Vice Minister Sereni: "from women a great contribution to the peaceful resolution of conflicts" Communicate
08/22/2020Note Farnesina – International Day Commemorating the victims of acts of violence on the basis of religion or belief Communicate
06/16/2020In USA: Italian Embassy supports Pride Month Diplomatic network
06/15/2020The Human Rights Council resumes its 43rd session in Geneva today Communicate
06/05/20202020 CIDU Prize for Human Rights Communicate
06/05/2020CIDU Human Rights Award in Detail
02/12/202012 February: International Day against the Use of Child Soldiers [TN: also known as Red Hand Day] Communicate

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