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02/02/2013Intervento del Ministro Terzi alla Conferenza sulla Sicurezza di Monaco: Sicurezza e Stabilità nel Sudest Europeo e nel Caucaso.
12/06/2012Siria: incontro Terzi-premier Libano - Soluzione politica con sostegno opposizione Doha in Detail
12/05/2012Siria: crisi umanitaria, iniziativa italiana - Terzi: aiuti ai bambini assiderati nei campi di confine in Detail
12/05/2012Syria: Monti, pledge to alleviate the humanitarian crisis - NATO: Terzi, concrete solidarity with Turkey in Detail
12/04/2012Syrian crisis on NATO ministerial agenda – political solution a priority, says Terzi. ‘No’ to regime’s use of chemical weapons in Detail
10/25/2012Press release detail Communicate
10/12/2012Terzi-Clinton meeting in Washington – Italy-US unity of intent in all crisis scenarios in Detail
09/20/2012EU: Integration of the Balkans vital for Italy, says Terzi in Detail
06/26/2012Syria: New EU sanctions - NATO condemns Turkish plane downing in Detail
06/14/2012Medical kits sent to Syria and Jordan by Italian Development Cooperation Communicate
05/28/2012Terzi: «The line has been crossed. The people need protection» (La Stampa) Interviews and articles
05/23/2012The Interview: governments will do everything possible to keep Greece in the Euro, says Terzi in Detail
05/21/2012Afghanistan – NATO Summit: security handover to Afghans within 2013 in Detail
05/21/2012Nato Summit: first operational phase of missile-defence system launched; Rasmussen urges Russia to cooperate in Detail
05/18/2012NATO Summit in Chicago – the future Alliance, in light too of the “exit strategy” from Kabul in Detail
05/18/2012NATO: Afghanistan – the stages of the withdrawal. Italy’s contribution in Detail
05/17/2012Press release detail Communicate
05/15/2012Afghanistan - Terzi addresses Chamber: undreamt-of goals achieved, thanks also to Italy in Detail
05/10/2012“Thousands of armed men. We may need a more robust mission”, says Terzi (la Repubblica) Interviews and articles
04/19/2012Afghanistan - Terzi: Italy’s contribution post-2014 will be substantial in Detail

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