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06/19/2012Siria: dialogo Obama-Putin al G20 in Messico in Detail
04/19/2012Italia-Russia, Terzi a Mosca: in agenda scudo, Siria e Iran in Detail
04/16/201225° Anniversario dell’adozione del “Regime di controllo delle tecnologie missilistiche” Communicate
04/14/2012VIDEO – Intervista al Ministro Terzi su CNN - The Situation Room in Detail
03/27/2012SEOUL: Cooperation against nuclear terrorism - Italy’s priority: protection for peoples and environment in Detail
03/27/201211.00 – SEOUL SUMMIT: strong national and international cooperation against nuclear terrorism in Detail
03/26/2012Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul in Detail
02/09/2012Meeting of the National Committee for Humanitarian Action Against Anti-Personnel Mines chaired by Under-Secretary of State de Mistura Communicate
11/10/2011Iran nuclear programme: Europe is considering additional sanctions. Frattini-Ashton to holds talks at the MFA in Rome in Detail
11/09/2011Iran: Serious concerns raised by the IAEA on the nuclear programme in Detail
11/09/2011Serious concerns as to the real nature of the Iranian nuclear programme Communicate
09/21/2011Press release detail Communicate
04/21/2011Disarmament: chemical weapons destruction plan going well, although rather slowly, says Frattini in Detail
04/09/2011Press release detail Communicate
03/01/2011Frattini presents ‘Longitude’, Italian monthly on world affairs in Detail
02/17/2011New Italian monthly foreign policy journal “Longitude” in Detail
11/22/2010NATO Summit: Afghanistan, security to local forces within  2014 in Detail
11/17/2010NATO Summit: stronger relations with Russia, says Frattini in Detail
10/04/2010Let’s promote democracy through dialogue, says Frattini in Detail
05/20/2010Italy-Russia: joint consultations between Foreign and Defence Ministers in Detail
05/18/2010Dichiarazioni all’agenzia di stampa M.E.N.A. dell’On. Ministro Franco Frattini (in translation) in Detail
05/18/2010Disarmament: chemical weapons, training in Italy for 31 new experts in Detail
04/30/2010Nucleare: Tnp; al via conferenza Onu in Detail

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