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Governo Italiano

Messaggio del Ministro Mogherini in occasione della Festa della Repubblica



Messaggio del Ministro Mogherini in occasione della Festa della Repubblica

Today is an important day for us, also for those of you who are living abroad. Today we are celebrating the birth of our republic, and it seemed only right to do it with each of you, even if from far away, because we know how important our homeland, our republic, is even for those living at a great distance.

In my initial travels as Minister for Foreign Affairs, I had occasion to meet with some of you and to see the enthusiasm, energy and determination with which you represent our nation, and for that I wish to thank you. You are often the first and best response to the demand for Italy around the world, and let us hope that Italy is able to give you the answers that you may be seeking. The government is at work also with this in mind, also for you.

In these months, in these first few months as Minister, I have been able to meet with a portion of the Italian community abroad, and I hope to be able to do so even more in my upcoming travels. It was a great pleasure some weeks ago to discuss the value of being Italian with Bill De Blasio, a great mayor of New York and an Italian-American proud of his roots. I think he is a fine example of the added value Italians are capable of bringing to the world, and of the great contribution they can make to Italy. Your role is fundamental, and it is for that reason that we have decided to share this day’s celebrations with you.

It is a day that we are dedicating in a special way to the presentation of EXPO Milano 2015. We already have confirmation of the participation of 147 countries, many of them being those where you are living, and from which you are listening to this message. This is going to be a very important occasion and a major showcase for our nation, but also an opportunity to work alongside those 147 countries in an effort to eradicate one of the most catastrophic scourges of our lifetime: world hunger and the lack of access to basic water and food resources. It is going to be an exceptional opportunity for Italy come forward, and we are counting on your support in order to do that the best way we can.

Happy National Day, and Happy June 2nd to you all.



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