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Mogherini: «Our silent but determined efforts» (Il Tempo)



Mogherini: «Our silent but determined efforts» (Il Tempo)

Dear Editor

It is not rhetorical to say that we are all with Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone. This, as the many other manifestations by their companions in arms, tells us once again that our Marines remain in the hearts of the Italian people. We wish to tell them once again, and their families and those reading this, that the efforts of our ministries and of the entire government have been constant and untiring. It may seem like silence, but that is only because the goal to send these two men back to their families is one that requires discretion. Certainly, we are doing everything possible to ensure the full success of these efforts. Our government contests Indian jurisdiction. Latorre and Girone were engaged on an international mission and were covered by functional immunity, and this is proof of why the affair must be given international attention. It is, therefore, along this path that Italy intends to remain, aware of the strength of a case that is based on international law. We are also certain that Massimiliano and Salvatore are aware of the solidarity coming from Rome and from the entire nation.




Federica Mogherini e Roberta Pinotti

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