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Governo Italiano

Di Maio: "Without the support of foreign countries we would never have made it" (La Stampa)



Di Maio:

"Criticized because medical aid has come in and saved lives?

Well then, I hope to be criticized every day. We have activated our diplomatic corps and appealed to all countries. So many governments have responded and sent us medical aid."

This is how Luigi Di Maio, in an interview with the Huffington post, replied to those who asked him about criticism on the aid received from China and Russia.

"We have found many friends because Italy is a friendly country first of all. There are no alliances or collocations that can change according to the aid. We are firmly part of NATO and the EU. But I thank China, like many other countries, for their friendship and closeness. Without their aid we would never have made it.

The Foreign Minister added: "I only need to think of a father’s smile who, thanks to a mask or a lung ventilator that came from abroad, saw his son defeat the coronavirus. I only have to think of the many doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals who were able to work safely with these protections".



La Stampa


Luigi Di Maio

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