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Di Maio: A new path for the "Made in Italy" brand (Il Sole 24 Ore)



Di Maio: A new path for the

Dear Editor, we find ourselves living in difficult times and the hardest thing we have to face is uncertainty. The pandemic, and its impact on health and prevention, remain at the heart of this Government's every effort.
However, it is equally clear that there can be no return to normalcy if the determination with which we pursue every viable prevention and treatment policy is not accompanied by thorough actions aimed at restoring our country's economic relations and potential. Italy is preparing to head an important G20 Summit, at which we will strive to reaffirm the need for a multilateral and effective approach in the conduct of international trade, convinced as we are that only the common will to solve the problems relating to the flow of goods, services and investments can achieve results conducive to reviving growth, creating jobs and instilling confidence in the markets.
Against this backdrop, strengthening the fabric of our enterprises and their ability to gain footholds in international markets remains a cornerstone of the policies pursued by the Foreign Ministry, in the wake of the reform for transferring competencies also in the field of international trade. The data recently published by ISTAT (Office for National Statistics) confirms the competitive edge, strength, commitment and resilience of our entrepreneurs, who, notwithstanding this annus horribilis 2020, managed to achieve a 2.1% increase in exports in September. This result has been reached thanks to the extraordinary skills of our businesses, but also to the fruitful dialogue between all industry sectors and the Government, sealed by the Pact for Export - and its related measures - promoted and coordinated by the Foreign Ministry, which I have the honour of leading, and it is reflected in the growth of exports in the third quarter of 2020, recording an astounding +30.4% compared to the second quarter of the year. All the information on the tools that have been made available to businesses can be found at Today, I am pleased to share another important result we have achieved, i.e. the conclusion of an agreement between the Foreign Trade Agency ICE and Alibaba Group - a platform operating in 190 countries, with 150 million registered users, including 26 million buyers - which was signed "virtually" in my presence. It is a new-generation agreement, part of a broader strategy of collaboration with other similar players globally. This agreement, however, is to date one of a kind, because, in addition to the traditional virtual showcases aimed at consumers (and known as B2C), yesterday we added a new component aimed at linking businesses, establishing ourselves as a point of reference for the B2B marketplace. The agreement features various dedicated initiatives: 1. a "Made in Italy" brand pavilion, where Italian products will be showcased by category; 2. special advertising campaigns, through permanent banners and AI tools, to enhance the supply effectiveness; 3. facilitated conditions, with considerably reduced access costs, premium 24-month membership, and a dedicated virtual store. Access will be free of charge for 300 applicant companies, selected by the ICE Agency based on specific requirements, including the headquarters and some production facilities in Italy and the marketing of products that comply with "Made in Italy" regulations. We know that the path to a full recovery is long and arduous, but are also fully aware, as President Mattarella has reminded us many times, that «knowing how to work as a team» will pay off in the end.


Il Sole 24 Ore


Luigi Di Maio

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