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The following criteria were applied in the selection of works for the “Diplomat’s Bookshelf”:

  • publications (books, articles and essays) exclusively concerning international policies or diplomatic activities;
  • authors include diplomats in service as of 01.09.07.
  • books whose authors or sole editors are diplomats; in the case of books with more than one author, only when the section is clearly identifiable as having been written by a diplomat;
  • articles and essays written by a single author diplomat and published in journals dealing with international foreign policy (excluded, therefore, are the countless articles appearing in periodicals and daily newspapers).

The bookshelf does not pretend to be exhaustive; the publications thus far selected are those drawn from Minister Plenipotentiary Stefanbo Baldi’s book “La penna del diplomatico” (see, who we would also like to thank.
It is obviously essential that authors inform us of their publications by sending—along with a brief description of the work, a copy of the book jacket and a brief CV of the author—a digital copy of the entire work of which the author is a diplomat, or extract thereof, complete with copyright release, to the following address:

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