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Governo Italiano

Italians abroad


Italians abroad

This section contains information for the 5 million Italians residing abroad on the activities performed by the MAECI and the diplomatic and consular network for the Italian communities around the world. These pages also contain information on the consular services that can be especially accessed by Italians residing abroad.


International Adoptions

International Adoption refers to the adoption of a minor of non-Italian citizenship, declared to be adoptable by the Authorities of the child’s Country. International Adoption complies with all applicable national and international laws thereon >>

Assistence to citizens abroad

The Consular Office, at the request of the person involved, intervenes in favour of Italian citizens abroad should they be in a difficult situation. Possible interventions include economic and healthcare assistance >>


Registry of Italian Resident Abroad (AIRE)

It stores the data of Italian citizens residing abroad for any period longer than twelve months and it is managed by the Municipalities on the basis of the data and information provided by Consular offices >>

Notarial Deeds

The Consular Office is empowered to perform several notarial functions laid down under Italian law, exclusively addressed to Italian citizens permanently or temporarily residing abroad >>



Self-certification is a statement written and signed by the person concerned in his/her own interest on his/her individual status, facts and personal information, to be used in the relationship with the P.A. and with other public service providers >>

Automobiles and driving licences

In order to be able to drive abroad, Italian citizens must comply with different rules depending on whether they travel to EU or extra-EU Countries, which might or might not have entered into reciprocity agreements >>



Italian citizenship is based on the transmission of citizenship due to descent, in some cases on the acquisition of “iure soli” (by birth on the national territory), and on the possibility of acquiring a double citizenship >>

Tax Code

The individual Tax Code is the instrument by which citizens are identified in their relationship with Italian public agencies and institutions and can be requested at the overseas Consular Office both by Italian and foreign nationals >>


Travel Documents

The Consular Offices release travel documents such as ID cards, passports and provisional travel documents, upon given conditions and in accordance with the procedures contained herein >>


The protection of minors can be equated to parental authority over a minor deprived of both his/her parents. The Head of the Consular Office can perform the functions of a tutelary judge >>



The Consular Authority is vested with the same powers and functions that are performed by the Maritime Authority in Italy and they concern the national fleet abroad and their crews >>

Service of Process Abroad

The Consular Office provides to service the judicial documents entrusted thereto, in compliance with EU judicial cooperation provisions, international conventions and the laws of the State of residence >>


Pensions and social security

“International social security” refers to the social protection of citizens of one Country who customarily reside in another Country, guaranteed by international regulations >>

Military Service

Conscription has been suspended, albeit not suppressed, since January 2005. For this reason, Diplomatic or Consular Authorities continue to form and update military conscription lists >>


Marital Status

Marital Status refers to the set of facts or the manifestation of wishes inherent to the citizen’s private life. Registering these facts falls under the competence of Municipalities in Italy and of Consular Offices abroad >>


Consular functions include protecting the inheritance and succession rights of Italian citizens who die abroad or whose death involves an Italian citizen >>


Legalised Translation of Documents

In order to be valid in Italy, the deeds and documents released by foreign Authorities must be legalised by the Italian Diplomatic and Consular Offices abroad >>

Voting abroad

Italian citizens residing abroad and enlisted in the AIRE registry exercise their right to vote for national parliamentary elections, abrogative and constitutional referendums and for the European Parliament in their place of residence >>


Representative Organizations (CGIE and COMITES)

This section provides information on the Representative Organizations of Italians abroad: the General Council of Italians Abroad (C.G.I.E.) and Committee of Italians Abroad (COMITES) >>

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