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Recognition of a natural child


Recognition of a natural child

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The recognition of a natural child is normally attested by the foreign birth certificate to be registered in Italy (see Birth section). However, it can also be attested in a separate certificate, filed subsequently to the child’s birth at the local Civil Registry office or at the office of a notary public. For it to be valid in Italy, the foreign recognition, filed according to local regulations, must also comply with Italian legislation (Art. 250 and ff. of the Civil Code) and must be contained in a certificate duly authenticated and translated into Italian (see Document Translation and Authentication section).

In case the foreign natural child recognition, certified in the birth certificate or in a separate certificate, results to be non-compliant with the requirements of the above-cited legislation, the recognition of the natural child will have to be filed at the competent consular office through a constat which must be attached to the birth certificate to be registered.

The recognition of a natural child may also result from a foreign judicial decree that, if compliant with the provisions of Law No. 218/1995, will be recognised in Italy.


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