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Governo Italiano

Becoming an Italian Citizen


Becoming an Italian Citizen
Becoming an Italian Citizen
Citizenship, marriage, Italian law
When the couple resides abroad, the foreign spouse may apply for Italian citizenship for reasons of marriage once three years have passed since the date of the wedding. This term may be reduced by half in the case of the birth of children or adoptions. In the case of residence abroad, the application must be addressed to the Italian Ministry of the Interior and submitted to the locally authorised consulate.

For more information see Citizenship.
Citizenship applications are sent by the consulate to the Ministry of the Interior, which is responsible for processing it. To check on the status of your application you should go to the website of the Ministry of the Interior, which has an on-line service for this purpose.
No. Italian legislation on citizenship (Law no. 91/92) does not, except in rare cases, provide for automatic citizenship for children of foreign parents born on Italian soil. In addition to being born on Italian soil, article 4 of the law requires legal and uninterrupted residency from birth to the age of 18.

For more information see Citizenship.
Recognition of Italian citizenship requires that you prove that your direct ancestors maintained their Italian citizenship without interruption.
For more information see Citizenship or contact your Italian consulate abroad or the town in Italy that would have to provide such proof.
You must contact the Italian town where they were born. The Italian Consulates generally provide request forms on line. If there were no registries in existence at the time of your ancestors’ birth, you will have to submit a parish baptismal certificate, with the authentication of the pastor’s signature by the authorised bishop’s office, along with the response from the town hall confirming the non-existence of a registry office on the date in question.

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