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Governo Italiano

Foreign Citizens


Foreign Citizens

This section contains information on the services that the MAECI offers to foreign citizens (especially to the Representatives of foreign Countries in Italy) and to anyone wanting to travel or move to Italy for the purpose of tourism, study or work.



Italian citizenship is based on the transmission of citizenship due to descent, in some cases on the acquisition of “iure soli” (by birth on the national territory), and on the possibility of acquiring a double citizenship >>

Tax Code

The individual Tax Code is the instrument by which citizens are identified in their relationship with Italian public agencies and institutions and can be requested at the overseas Consular Office both by Italian and foreign nationals >>


Service of Process Abroad

The Consular Office provides to service the judicial documents entrusted thereto, in compliance with EU judicial cooperation provisions, international conventions and the laws of the State of residence >>

Legalised Translation of Documents

In order to be valid in Italy, the deeds and documents released by foreign Authorities must be legalised by the Italian Diplomatic and Consular Offices abroad >>


 Opportunities Opportunities


Services for Foreign Representatives

Anyone requesting the issue of ID cards for the personnel of foreign diplomatic and consular offices and of International Organizations in Italy, please follow the procedure indicated on the following website: >>

Foreign Missions

The List of foreign Diplomatic Missions, International Organizations and Special Missions in Italy is drawn up and continuously updated by the Diplomatic Protocol of the Republic >>


Rights and Reciprocity

Foreigners enjoy citizens’ civil rights on condition of reciprocity and excepting provisions set out in special laws. This provision also applies to foreign individuals >>

Study Opportunities for Foreigners

The MAECI offers scholarships to foreign students with a view to favouring international cultural cooperation and the spread of the Italian language >>


Entering and staying in Italy

Italy’s membership of the Schengen area led to the strengthening of common external borders, followed by the elimination of controls on internal borders, thus giving rise to the Schengen Space >>

Visa for Italy

This section contains the links and information relative to visas, visa refusals, visa extensions, visas for family reunification and re-entry visas to Italy >>

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