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Governo Italiano

The entry visa


The entry visa

The entry visa consists of a sticker placed on a passport or other valid travel documentauthorizing its foreign bearer to set foot on the soil of the Italian Republic or that of another contracting country for transit or stay, to be evaluated on the basis of the needsassociated with the status of international relations and with the defence of national security and the public order.

Visas issued by Italian missions abroad allowthe bearer access, either for transit or for brief residence (up to 90 days) to Italy or othercountries that apply the Schengen Convention, and is called a “Uniform Schengen Visa” (VSU). Likewise, a VSU issued by the diplomatic mission of another Schengen country allows access to Italian soil.

The entry visa for stays of longer than 90 days is called a “National Visa” (NV) and allows long-term residence on the soil of the State that issued it and, as long as it is valid, free circulation for a period of no more than 90 days per half-year on the soil of another Member State.

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