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The Portals of the Crisis Unit for safe traveling abroad


The Portals of the Crisis Unit for safe traveling abroad

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"ViaggiareSicuri" (Safe Travels) and "Dovesiamonelmondo" (Where we are in the world): two services that the Farnesina is promoting again with a communication campaign that seeks to reach out to an ever increasing number of people, at this point in time when many holidaymakers are going abroad.

 Stefano Verrecchia, the Head of the Crisis Unit, reminds as that "Be informed and keep us informed has always been the slogan of the Crisis Unit at the Farnesina. In over 30 years of activity we have developed a range of services - from our operations room that is active 24/7, to the "ViaggiareSicuri"and "Dovesiamonelmondo" portals, and the Crisis Unit App for mobile devices - to assist people traveling abroad, with the awareness that we are living at a time characterized by new, changing and partially unpredictable risk factors.
"When planning a trip abroad - for tourism, work, study, solidarity, sport - a few clicks are enough on "ViaggiareSicuri", the popular portal visited by millions of people every year, to obtain all the necessary information about the security conditions of the Country to be visited, about sensitive areas, and about the best suited behaviors that should be adopted during the stay. By entering information about the journey people are about to make they will remain in contact with the Crisis Unit thus making it easier to provide them with assistance in case of an emergency". 
Indeed, the communication campaign is addressed to all kinds of people who travel abroad: those who travel for tourism, work, for solidarity activities, for study purposes and those who go abroad to attend sports events.
"Italians - Stefano Verrecchia concludes - can rely on the unceasing monitoring, analysis and planning activities carried out by our team in Rome that operates in close connection with the Italian diplomatic-consular network, and with the precious support of various other entities of the State: a motivated and reliable team at the service of Italians in the world".  

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