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Governo Italiano

Prevention activities


Prevention activities

Prevention is in the form of information and awareness-raising. The Crisis Unit collaborates with a series of external actors both institutional and at civil society level.


Safe Travelling

The Crisis Unit makes information available to Italians—also concerning security issues—on every country in the world through internet website as well as a 24-hour 365-day  call-centre answering on 06 491115, both of which were created in collaboration with the Italian Automobile Club (ACI).In addition to general information on the various countries of the world (visas, customs and currency formalities, telephone services and road conditions) information is posted on security and healthcare conditions, regularly updated on the basis of the data available and considered reliable. Developments in situations under way are monitored carefully and every variation is announced in “special advisories” for travellers.Particular importance is given to collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation (WHO). For information concerning health, in fact, in addition to the information provided on the website, the Crisis Unit sponsors interventions for the prevention of pathologies liable to develop into epidemics.


Emergency Equipment and Supplies

In case of need the Crisis Unit provides emergency equipment and healthcare supplies, emergency food rations, radio and satellite communications equipment and kits for protection against NBC attacks.


“Tuscania” Parachute Regiment

In collaboration with the Army Carabinieri Corps, the Crisis Unit finances the missions of the “Tuscania” parachute regiment providing protection and escort to Italian diplomatic-consular representatives working in crisis areas.

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