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Cutillo Alberto

Reviewing Fifteen Years of Peacebuilding. Past, Present and Future of International Assistance to Countries Emerging from Conflicts and Italy's Contribution

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Universita' di Trento, Scuola di Studi Internazionali

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The book traces the evolution of Peacebuilding activities since the early 1990s and sheds light in those areas that require further attention. In spite of the considerable efforts and resources invested in years of practice, Peacebuilding activities throughout the 1990s were undertaken by a multitude of actors in absence of an overall political strategy. The main challenges of Peacebuilding are therefore not due to lack of knowledge or lessons learned; instead, they are due to the failure to produce a commonly agreed doctrine and to translate it into meaningful guidelines on the ground. The book further argues that although progress is being made, the United Nations system and donor agencies have failed thus far to address satisfactorily three main gaps: political leadership, strategic coordination and a comprehensive mechanism.

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Cutillo Alberto

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Cutillo Alberto

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