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Dettaglio comunicato



Dettaglio comunicato

Rome, 10 September 2007


The International Contact Group (ICG) met in Rome to review the political, security and humanitarian developments in Somalia, with particular regard to the implications of the outcome of the National Reconciliation Congress (NRC) and the adoption of UNSC Res. 1772. The ICG, while recognising some improvements in security, expressed its concerns regarding the continued violence and insecurity in Somalia, particularly attacks by terrorists and extremists and targeted assassinations of those working towards peace and stability.

The ICG welcomed the commitments of the NRC held in Mogadishu as well as those by President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed at the closing session to “pave a new political path that will win the confidence of the Somali people” and to continue the dialogue process. The ICG will follow carefully further developments in the intra-Somali political dialogue with opposition groups. The ICG calls upon the Transitional Federal Institutions (TFIs) to implement in good faith the recommendations of the NRC, including the urgent drawing up of a road map for the remainder of the transitional period leading to multi-party, free and democratic elections in 2009, as set out in the Transitional Federal Charter.

Within this frame, specific provisions must be sought to guarantee fully the fundamental human rights as a key condition to the viability of the process leading to free democratic elections. The ICG takes note of the key role women play within the Somali political process, as recognized by the NRC, and encourages this to be intensified. The ICG welcomed the Res. 1772 calling for the strengthening of the ability of UNPOS to fulfil its role in supporting the political process. The ICG welcomed the appointment of the new UN SRSG.

The ICG emphasized the continued need to address the deteriorating humanitarian situation, including its root causes, urges the TFIs to do everything in their capacity to facilitate humanitarian access and stresses the need for all parties to abide by their obligations under international humanitarian law. The ICG stands ready to support the TFIs and Somali civil society organizations, also by contributing to build up their capacity, and enhanced UN efforts to respond to humanitarian needs.

The ICG reiterates the need for a verifiable, comprehensive ceasefire arrangement leading to voluntary disarmament and the re-establishment of an inclusive and representative security sector.  The ICG calls on all Somali stakeholders to renounce violence, to participate in the political dialogue, and reject extremists seeking to prevent a successful process. 
The ICG commended the role of AMISOM and calls upon countries to expedite their contribution of additional troops and to provide further funding. The full and timely deployment of AMISOM will help create the conditions for Ethiopian withdrawal. The ICG calls for the urgent planning and deployment of a UN mission in Somalia.



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