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Governo Italiano

Dettaglio articolo



Dettaglio articolo

Sir, The Italian government could not agree more that there must be no violence against the Roma, as recommended by Emma Bonino, Jan Marinus Wiersma and Andre Wilkens ("Europe must end violence against the Roma", June 5). The Roma have the right to full protection and full respect for their culture, history and traditions. They deserve a serious offer of integration into our societies. However, they must also be required to respect the law of the country.

In Italy, tolerance towards crime has exasperated millions of honest citizens and risks generating feelings of hostility, which we want to prevent towards the many law-abiding Roma and immigrants. Contrary to the allegations in the article, there is no room for exclusion and expulsion in the current Italian government policies, which will be based on our people’s traditions of tolerance and solidarity, but also on their expectation of respect for the rule of law.




Franco Frattini

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