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SYRIA – UN: immediate application for Annan plan

The United Nations Security Council has adopted a statement enjoining the Syrian Government to apply the plan drawn up by its Envoy in Syria, Kofi Annan. The statement calls for the Assad regime to undertake to put an immediate end to the violence and human rights violations and to work “in good faith” to promote a true democratic transition.

The declaration underscores the Security Council’s grave concerns over the deterioration in the situation in Syria, where a serious and deplorable humanitarian and human rights crisis is unfolding. For this reason, the Council invites the Assad regime to support Annan’s mediation efforts and to follow the six-point plan he has proposed.

The aim of the plan is to bring an immediate end to all the violence and human rights violations; provide prompt access for humanitarian aid; facilitate the democratic transition by creating a pluralist political system; speed up the process of releasing all prisoners held arbitrarily and for political reasons; allow free movement around the Syria for journalists; and respect freedom of association and the right to demonstrate peacefully.

On these six points, the Assad regime is urged to collaborate in good faith. Otherwise, the Security Council is ready to “consider other steps”.